2QZQ   Hammock  Specialties

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Hi, we are Tim and Donna, otherwise known as 2Questions or 2Q, and Zipper Queen or ZQ. We live in Lititz, Pennsylvania, a small town north of Lancaster, which is about 60 miles west of Philadelphia.

    Donna has had a full time sewing business in our home for over 30 years. She has been sewing since she was in high school and after we married, continued to sew clothing for our two daughters. After our girls were off to school, she began working as a "finisher" for several cross stitch shops. Her various talents and meticulous sewing  skills have now incorporated hammock modifications. Although she's not interested in backpacking like I am, she does enjoy family tent camping.  For her, camping requires an electric heater, flush toilets, showers, and a cushy foam mattress!

   I have been a plumber, HVAC, and water treatment service technician for many years. I am now a self supporting missionary serving as the Maintenance Coordinator for Camp Conquest, a Christian ministry primarily focusing on summer camps for children, teens, and young adults. My responsibilities are quite diverse and I love working outdoors.

My interest in backpacking, dating back to Boy Scout days in the 70's, has continued to grow. Hammock camping replaced the tent several years ago. With the advent of www.HammockForums.net, I learned new ways to "lighten the load" and enjoy hiking and camping with a hammock. My long time goal is to attempt and hopefully complete an AT thruhike. I've enjoyed hiking in Norway, Finland, and Sweden, and in many places across our country.  

    How did we get into hammock modifications?  I asked Donna if she could/would modify my hammock with a zipper. I really wanted a way to reach outside to access my gearbag. She reluctantly cut the netting from the hammock and added a zipper from head end to tieouts, viola', Mod #1 was formed. In short order, however, we received requests for other configurations and began to expand the modification to a full length zipper on one side, Mod #2. Then Mod #3, two zippers on the same side that meet at the tieout.  Mod 4 is the ultimate choice for an unzippable, and stowable bugnet. So, with these mod choices, ZQ has completed over 1100  hammocks and we know there are many more out there awaiting  modification. We’d be happy to mod one for you!