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 Zipper Modification #4


for Hennessy Classic “Bottom Entry” Hammocks

Hennessy Classic “Bottom Entry” Zipper Mod #4 with Left and Right Side Triple zipper pulls

 $77.00 plus return shipping

To remove the velcro and sew the bottom entry slit closed - add $10.00

Added weight of zipper mod =  approx. 5ozs.

Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete the zipper Mod after the hammock is received

Videos below reflect the original Mod 4 where you could specify left or right triple zipper pulls.

 We now install triple zippers on both sides standard for Mod 4.

Description of Mod #4

Two zippers start at the head end of the hammock, one zipper runs down one side and one zipper runs down the other side to the foot end of the hammock. Three zipper pulls are installed on each zipper providing access to the outside of the hammock anywhere along the zipper.

The bugnetting can be completely opened and stored into a small bag that is sewn into the foot end of the hammock.

The hammock is completely open and the netting is out of the way until you need it!

The bugnetting can not be removed from the hammock body.  See FAQ #6 for further comments.