2QZQ   Hammock  Specialties

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2QZQ Tree table

Can’t find a good place to set your stove? Tired of stooping over to cook? Try our simple table for “off the ground” cooking!

 Made out of sturdy aluminum.  An optional 60” Sea to Summit brand quick release strap is available.

The table top was designed to hold only the weight of a common backpacking stove and pot filled with water. The tabletop side holes are for clipping a spoon, cup, or other lightweight item, not a water bag or food bag.  A small food bag can be hung from the bottom of the tree bracket using an S clip.

Dimensions - 8” x 8”  

Tree table only


Weighs 6.8 ozs

Tree table with strap


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Stake Bag

A stake bag made from Orange ripstop nylon.

 Reinforced bottom with velcro tabbed top closure.

  Dimensions - 9” x 2-3/4”

Weighs .2 ozs

$12.00 each

Photos courtesy of Rip Waverly

Emberlit Stove and Element Stove Storage Pouch

The storage pouch is made of a heavy Dyneema fabric tough enough to handle the sharp edges of the Emberlit stove. It has two pull loops for easier opening and has Velcro closure patches for secure  storage of the stove.

 Pouch weighs .55ozs

$14.00 each

Please note:

 It is not recommended to use this pouch as a hot pad/glove. The stove should be cool to touch before inserting into the pouch.

Photos and design testing courtesy of OutandBack & Bob2Guns

We now have a storage pouch for the Emberlit Mini!

Same construction as the original Emberlt pouch, just a bit smaller.

$12.00 each

Pillowcase Hat

Tired of loosing your pillow when you sit up in the hammock? Get a cold forehead and nose on a cold night? This Polarfleece pillowcase and covering for your head takes care of both issues.  Insert up to a 12” pillow ...or extra clothes, pulls down over forehead or nose on cold nights.

Colors: Camo, Burnt Orange, Royal Blue Tie Dye, Purple, and Grinch Green

Weighs 4.3 ozs.


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The  headnet is a No see um headnet cut large enough to wear over just about any hat. It has a drawcord at the base and a 3” skirt for maximum protection. Tuck in the skirt and clip it to your hammock ridgeline peak for a see through storage bag.

Weighs .7 ozs

$18.00 each

Thanks to Sidewinder for the conceptual idea!

Prices for items on this page include shipping in Continental USA.

All accessories are “made to order”. We do not carry an inventory.

After payment is received, please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.

Pole Bag

Made for 18” poles, the pole bag measures 20-½ x 3” Reinforced bottom and Velcro closure top.



Snow Stake Bag

A stake bag made from Red ripstop nylon

Reinforced bottom with velcro tabbed top closure.

  Dimensions - 15” x 4”

Weighs .2 ozs

$14.00 each

Spreader Bar Bag

Dimensions of bag are 22” x 3-1/2”

Reinforced bottom and Velcro closure top