2QZQ   Hammock  Specialties

We are in the process of creating a new website. If the order page fails to submit your order, please contact us at info@2qzqhammockhanger.com

Question 1…..What happens after submitting an order?

   We usually respond within 24 hours of an order being received. After you submit your order, you will receive an email with an order summary and information to complete your order. We have been noticing that many who have placed initial orders with us through our website are not following up from our response. I suspect that our emails to you may be ending up in the junk/spam folder. If you believe we have not responded or are uncertain of a response from us, please PM us on Hammockforums.net and/or email at info@2qzqhammockhanger.com

Question2…..Do we stock an inventory of our items?

   No…. there is no time to create an inventory. Orders get placed on the job schedule when payment is received.  Allow 2-3 weeks for the items to be made and shipped. Thanks for your patience.

Question 3…..How long does it take to complete the hammock/tarp mod and return it to me?

   After we receive your hammock/tarp, we need 2-3 weeks to complete the mod and ship the hammock/tarp. Shipping days are not included. Communicate with us before you send your items if you have a trip coming up and have a “need by” date.

Question 4…..Can the zipper mods be installed on any hammock or just Hennessy’s ?

   We currently offer zipper Mods for Hennessy’s, Switchback’s, and JRB bridge hammocks. As ideas become available and time permits we will consider adding other zipper mods.

Question 5…..Can you install a zipper Mod on a Warbonnet Blackbird ?

   No, we offer no zipper mods for the Warbonnet hammocks.

Question 6…..Can the bugnetting be completely removed?

   No…..We cannot completely remove the bugnet from the hammock...as in "leave it at home". To accomplish that requires the use of a "separating" type zipper, something we can not currently find in custom sizes reasonably priced. This is the reason the storage bag was developed, so you could at least stow it away easily.

Question 7…..Can you install netting on “No Net”  Hammocks ?

   No…..Hammocks with nets were designed so that the netting hangs properly over the hammock and doesn’t interfere with the movement of the hammock. We do not offer the service of designing a net for netless hammocks.

Question 8…..My netting is damaged. Can you replace the netting on my Hennessy hammock?

   Please contact us at info@2qzqhammockhanger.com and we will discuss your options.

Question 9…..Can you patch a hole in my bugnetting ?

  Maybe….That depends on the location and the extent of the damage. Contact us. Pictures will help us determine repair possibility.

Question 10…..Is it possible to have Hennessy ship directly to you for a zipper modification ?

   Yes, Hennessy will ship the hammock to us and after the modification is complete we will ship it to you.

Question 11…..Can you add a second bottom to the hammock so I can insert an insulation pad?

    No…We do not add a second layer to any hammock. We do offer an UnderQuilt Protector that will hold a pad in place. See the Hammock Accessories page for ordering details.

Question 12…..Will you install panel pullouts on my tarp ?

   No, we will not sew into the body of a tarp to install panel pullouts. Instead, we offer an alternative pole pocket mod for the use of a center pole.

Question 13…..How many sections of poles do I need for a “center pole “ mod ?

   That depends on the width of your tarp and the length of the poles chosen.

Question 14…..Can a Grizz beak be made to fit a winter tarp ?

   That depends on the coverage you are desiring. Grizz beaks are made to fit tarps with approx. 52” sides.

Question 15…..Do I want a Non Breathable Silnylon or Breathable ripstop Under Quilt Protector ?

   That depends on your usage. Temperature and humidity of the ambient environment dictate which may better suit. Breathable ripstop UQP’s are not prone to condensation issues like Silnylon would be at low temperatures. Silnylon UQP’s may require a vapor barrier prior to the insulation layer to avoid condensation of body transpiration moisture. Breathable ripstop is not waterproof like Silnylon but does add wind resistance and water resistance to the insulation setup.

Question 16…..Will the UnderQuilt Protector fit on any style hammock ?

   We offer two styles of UQP’s, one for gathered end hammocks and one for bridge hammocks. The UQP is sized to cover a full length underquilt, not the hammock body.

Question 17…..Can you place a pad in the UQP for insulation?

   We now offer an UnderQuilt Protector that will hold a pad in place. See the Hammock Accessories page for ordering details.

Question 18…..Mod 2 Left or right? Which side is best for me?

    Although this is mostly a question of user preference, there are some considerations.  First, do you use a sleeping bag? Match the side the zipper is on for ease of access in and out of the hammock. Second, consider your ability to reach and zip/unzip. I have a bad right shoulder making it harder to reach a left hand zipper, therefore prefer a right hand zipper mod.