2QZQ   Hammock  Specialties

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Sewn on tarp doors

We create great protection and storage out of your tarp by adding Silnylon doors. With sewn on doors, you are set for any weather situation at minimum weight. The doors are fully bound with grosgrain, and have one or two tie back toggles (depends on tarp width). ZQ adds loops at the bottom of the doors for overlap staking against wind and rain.

Increase your living space by adding a center pole. It opens up the tarp right where you need it most. A pole mod is self contained and requires nothing outside the tarp to deploy. The center pole also helps the tarp shed snow.

Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete the tarp modification after tarp is received

We have door patterns for:

OES MacCat, Hennessy Hex, Hennessy Hex Asym, JRB Hex

ENO Profly, Warbonnet tarps  

     (Contact us if your tarp not listed)

Colors: Gray, Black, or Brown $40.00 per end plus return shipping


Warbonnet tarp with detachable doors

$20.00 per end plus return shipping

Doors weigh approx. 3.35 ozs. per end

The fabric used for tarp doors, Grizzbeaks, Underquilt Protectors is made from Silnylon 2nds.  Using Silnylon 2nds keeps the cost down. Silnylon 2nds have only slight cosmetic imperfections (or none at all) and does not diminish the integrity of the product.