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I really love my HH Ultralite Backpacker Asym with a #2 bugnet zipper mod by 2Q and ZQ. The HH ULBA is very lightweight, compact, and great quality. The zipper mod allows the hammock to be used as a top loader with easy access to items under the hammock. It also allows you to zip the bugnet completely out of the way and use a PeaPod for insulation. The PeaPod is very warm, lightweight, and compact. I've had great results with this setup. -    2Trees

"It is arguably the greatest modification of a HH ever............. It works great and is more than worth the small fee to get it done right......... She does a job that is so professional it appears to be OEM.............I highly recommend for anyone that has been tried from the sole bottom entrance." - Mixinmaster

I had my Hennessey Hammock modified with a zipper and I just want to thank you both publicly. The mod is very well done, but there is more to it than the actual work performed; the prompt communication at each stage of the job, the reasonable price, the fast turn-around time, and the attention to details like shipping charges are all part of the good service. In my experience, it's fairly rare to find such professionalism in a business. - essbee

I just received the 2QZQ zipper Mod #3 to my HH ULBA and am thoroughly satisfied. The workmanship is excellent, the price was very reasonable and customer service was flawless. I recently added the HH Supershelter to my setup and the zipper mod makes getting in and out with the SS in place a piece of cake, unlike struggling in and out of the bottom entry with the undercover and OCF pad installed. - Ted

Got my HH Deep Jungle back from Tim and Donna at 2QZQ today, with mod #4 installed. The work done is impeccable. Communications have been excellent. Many thanks Tim and Donna, and congratulations. You have created something beneficial to hammock hangers that did not exist before you arrived. - Skyclad

I recently had the #4 modification done on 2 HH Ultralight Backpakers and a HH Scout. The quality of the work is fantastic. I also had the slits sewn up for all three hammocks and the undercovers for the Ultralights and was very impressed with the attention to detail of the job. The gear organizers and peak bags were also high quality as well. The communication regarding all the details of the modifications and shipping was great. I was so impressed with the work that I am asking if they can modify my Ed Speer and Blackbird hammocks. rmeyer386

So excited! My hammock arrived today. I did the full zip, Mod 4. It's absolutely amazing. The stiching is perfect and I love being able to open the hammock right up. Enter from above it SO MUCH nicer than the bottom slit. I use the JRB underquilt and I never really got good at getting the thing sealed tight. No more worries. I can't recommend this enough! Waalkes

I recently had mod #4 installed on my HH; a set of zippers on my bugneting that gives me several open/closed configurations. It also has a small pocket to stow the bugnet in when unzipped. The work was excellent-looks just like it was manufactured that way. Turn-around time was also excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend this buisness to anyone wishing a hammock modification. Jackd

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Love my 2QZQ doors. The extra weight is fine by me for peace of mind knowing I'll be covered in all rain scenarios. In my experience I've had many instances of the pesky wind changing directions.   Pizza

I just received my JRB BMB back from 2Q&ZQ with the Javaman zipper mod. Outstanding job! The seams are all sturdy and STRAIGHT! The zippers are a good gauge size and sturdy. I am thrilled that the bugnet can now be rolled down to one end and secured out of the way. No more omnitape scaring wildlife into flight when I get out of my hammock in the morning! Thanks 2Q&ZQ for a job well done!!!   Meander

I think ZQ is incapable of doing anything shabby. I've heard nothing but A+ stuff about her work. I know I was impressed not only with the zipper mod she did on my HH, but in how neat and tight she packed my hammock when she sent it back!  Joey  

Had a nice nap in it this afternoon. What an evolution! It is like the hammock should have been made this way. The craftsmanship is unbelievable. I can't express how happy I am with the whole experience.   James M.

I placed an order for a UQP and a 2 pocket ridgeline organizer and received several emails regarding color choice and a few other small details about both. My point being is I have never had a company be so concerned about customers being happy with their products. All this has done is make me look forward to getting the pair and see what a great job is done and being pleased to show off the products to my buddy that I am sure will want one. Thanks 2QZQ   Dannytoo

Tim and Donna are great to work with. I ask them to make very custom items for me and there is a fantastic collaboration of emails, phone calls with them. It really makes me feel that I had a part in gear that I use. All of the makers on this forum are special and have excellent customer service. Tim and Donna take it to another level and give a very personal touch. It's a joy to work with them.  Sidewinder

I just had the Mod 2 done to my HH Explorer and I love it. I asked them to get it to me by a certain time and they delivered. Due to the rush the ties were left off but they sent them to me immediately and I sewed them on myself. This was my choice. Donna offered to have me ship it to her at her expense both ways to make it right. No need for that as I like DIY and it was a simple step. Point being that a great company is not perfect, they make it right when it isn't. I will be going back to them in the future if I need anything. Thanks Tim and Donna.  TuckE

So upon arriving home today and opening up my mail box I was delightfully surprised to find my UQP from 2QZQ. I just have to throw out a HUGE thank you to Tim and Donna for making me this wonderful peace of gear that I cant wait to use this coming weekend on my hike. They graciously donated it to the raffle at MAHHA and I was the lucky one to win it. The craftsmanship is top notch, service impeccable and generosity beyond imaginable.  Lazy River Road